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Our team has gained a wealth of knowledge from being involved in the Spice Industry for over 30 years. From inception, the goal was to supply Florida and the Caribbean regions. Once we secured our market share, Spices USA expanded to supply the entire continental US and many other countries across the globe. Our extensive experience and knowledge of this industry allows us to source quality products at competitive prices, savings passed directly to our customers. Our buyers visit all major spice producing regions. This is to ensure that the focus on quality, which has been the cornerstone upon which our company was built, occurs at the source and throughout our supply chain.

This advantageous approach also allows us to have firsthand knowledge of future pricing trends, enabling us to provide our customers with information to make informed decisions. If you are in the market for spices and related products, or if your needs are more complex and you require a business resource as a partner to achieve your goals, Spices USA is here to provide that support. Our contract packaging produces a wide range of marinades, liquid seasonings, dry blends and more! From product development to custom packaging to equipment supply, the Spices USA Team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and success. We are here to service you!

There is no limit to the flavor! We believe in internal continuous improvement and developing new ways to satisfy customers. We are motivated to develop gourmet seasonings aimed at the health conscious, the establishment of ecommerce retail presence, and continued expansion throughout the world.  


To exceed customer expectations in quality, cost, and support through continuous improvement and customer interaction.


To establish Spices USA as the premier purveyor of spices and food ingredients in the world.

Quality Control Programs

a. Kosher Certification
b. Allergen Program Enforcement
c. Food Safety Qualifications
d. Haccp Certified 
e. Gmp Enforcement
f. Pest Control Prevention Officers


1. Quality
2. Integrity
3. Passion
4. Service 


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